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Retreat Wellness Group offers virtual, or remote, therapy sessions which take place on a HIPAA compliant, online platform.

Virtual therapy has become increasingly popular since 2020 and it has proven to be useful for many situations.  By meeting remotely, you do not need to worry about inclement weather or finding transportation.   As a self-proclaimed "homebody" myself, sometimes you just don't feel like leaving your house or you just need or want the comfort and familiarity of your own home. 

Retreat Wellness  Group prioritizes flexibility & accessibility in order to meet the increasing mental health needs in our community.  Appointments are usually offered late afternoon through the early evening Monday - Friday.

Daytime and weekend appointments are also available as needed.

If you like what you see here on our website, and are interested in therapy or consultation, please complete our Contact Form and we will be in touch with you through email. 

Thanks again for Visiting!

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Retreat Wellness and our Commitment to Maternal Mental Health


Thank you for your interest in Retreat Wellness Group!   While we treat a spectrum of presentations and concerns, we also specialize in perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, as well as working with those experiencing infertility.


Perinatal Mental Health is an umbrella term used to describe the variety of mental health issues that women and their partners can experience during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Mental health issues during this period are extremely common worldwide, with as many as 1 in 5 women experiencing depression and/or anxiety.  We also offer therapeutic support for individuals who have experienced or are currently experiencing trauma, significant life stressors and transitions, as well as general anxiety and depression.

If you have experienced any of the above, please know that help is available.  Therapy can help you feel less alone and more understood, and make life more livable and these painful experiences more bearable.

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Areas of Speciality Focus

Offering support for individuals/couples beginning or growing their families, dealing with infertility, or struggling with perinatal and postpartum mood disorders including anxiety & depression.

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Change can be tough.  Whether you are starting a family, taking on a new role, beginning a relationship, changing careers, or pursuing a new endeavor, we offer individualized attention and support. 


Other common stressors during the perinatal period that may benefit from therapy include the following:

Coping with your transition into parenthood
Exploring your ambivalence, fears, anxieties, and disappointments about pregnancy, birth and parenting.
Negotiating different parenting styles and preferences.
Relationship conflict in the context of any of the above.

Articles of Interest

                       Family Stressors 

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