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Why Private Pay?

Updated: May 17, 2021

Retreat Wellness Group accepts private pay for several good reasons:

Not all insurance companies cover all clinical interventions services in full or at all. For example, Some insurances require certain medical criteria to be met to pay for virtual counseling.(many insurance plans require clients to be physically "homebound" to receive home services). Although virtual visits are covered by current COVID legislation, this benefit may not be extended, and all insurance rules and restrictions still apply.

Private pay allows for visits to take place at your home

It is not as restrictive with treatment modalities ( such as # of visits, or frequency and duration of visits, only certain types of interventions covered.)

You do not need a referral from your PCP to begin or continue services.

Some individuals do not want it documented in their primary medical record or on their health insurance utilization record that they requested a referral for mental health counseling and/or are in treatment with a mental health specialist. Private pay allows for this consideration.

You do not need authorization from your health insurance to continue services after an allotted number of sessions has been met.

Examples of Appropriate Clinical Intervention NOT covered by insurance:

-When working with a young man diagnosed with social anxiety, I was able to meet him at home and walk with him step by step, reintroducing himself to the community and helping him overcome his irrational fear of going into public spaces.

- I have met a new mother at home, where we were able to decrease her anxiety/excessive worry by helping her "baby proof" her apartment.

-When working with a young woman struggling with her body image, I was able to meet her at a mall, where we could talk, and together we could choose clothing she felt comfortable in.

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